黑龙江省冰雪艺术展览是黑龙江省冰雪艺术发展有限公司的主打产品。自九十年代开发运营冰雪艺术展览以来,致力于以高品质的展览理念培育市场,历经上海、广西、南宁、重庆、武汉以及香港、台湾等国内市场的检验,陆续推向了东南亚地区,先后在菲律宾、泰国等地展出,引起强烈反响。2004年至2009年,我公司组织庞大的冰雕制作团队六度赴美办展。在美国的纳什维尔、奥兰多、达拉斯、华盛顿等四个城市同时举办。不仅注重了当地的文化背景和人文色彩,倡导人与自然和谐互动的环保理念,还以彩雕、浮雕等多种技法,融卡通、神话等艺术元素,推出了以食用冰为原料且富有个性的主题冰展。由每年70万民众的踊跃参与,跃升为2009年百余万观众的热切关注,受到当地政府和主流媒体的高度赞誉。《纽约时报》、《世界日报》、CCN、ABC、NBC 电视台纷纷予以重点报道。中国中央电视台、人民日报、光明日报也对黑龙江国际冰雕展给予高度评价。良好的信誉和成熟的市场运营,在国际文化交流的舞台上引起了广泛的关注和青睐。目前,我公司已同美国、泰国、澳门等地均达成长期合作协议。今年黑龙江省冰雪艺术发展有限公司一行50人,应澳门The Venetian Macao酒店邀请于3月15日起,赴澳门制作、以《冰FUN世界》命名的大型冰雕展。冰雪艺术展已于5月13日盛大开幕。开幕式还吸引了众多的新闻媒体,新华网、光明网、中国日报、中国新闻网、凤凰网、澳门日报等70多家媒体记者对冰展开幕式进行了广泛的报道,很多记者在参观后用“惊叹”二字,来形容自己的感受。展览也受到澳门当地观众和大批游客的欢迎。




Ice and snow art exhibition is the main product of Heilongjiang Provincial Ice & Snow Art Development Co., Ltd. Since 1990s, we have developed and launched ice and snow art exhibition. We dedicated to explore market with high quality exhibitions. Through years of exhibitions in domestic market like Shanghai, Guangxi, Nanning, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we promoted our exhibition to Southeast Asia. We successfully make ice exhibitions in Philippine and Thailand, and get good market share. From 2004 to 2009, we organized large ice carving teams and took our ice exhibition to America. The exhibitions were on show at the same time in four cities, namely Nashville, Orlando, Dallas and Washington. Our exhibitions focus on local culture backgrounds and humanistic environment, also we advocate harmonious co-existence between man and nature. We launch personalized themed ice exhibitions with edible ice, also we bring cartoon and fairy tale elements through techniques of color and relief carving. There was nearly 700,000 visitors per year, especially in 2009, the number of visitors was about one million. We got extensive acclaim from local government and main medias. New York Times, World Daily, CCN, ABC, NBC, CNN China, China Daily and Guangming Daily issued reports to our international ice exhibitions. Good reputation and mature market operation make us come to the fore on the world culture communication stage. Currently, we have signed long time cooperation agreement with America, Thailand and Macao. This year, Heilongjiang Provincial Ice & Snow Art Development Co., Ltd. sent a team of 50 members to Macao to make ice exhibition with theme of Ice Fun World since March 15th. The opening ceremony was held on May 13th, which was reported by over 70 medias, such as Xinhua Net, Guangming Net, China Daily, China News, Phoenix TV, United News and Macao Daily. Many journalists said our ice exhibition was really amazing. And the ice exhibition was very popular with local audiences and visitors.

Unique thinking of moving the ice from north to the south makes a amalgamation of cold and hot. Joint and combination of culture from north and south makes a diversified and multiplex art form, which will bring the visitor the beauty of difference between north and south, as the saying goes that to feel completely two different worlds through one visit.

We occupy the world-top ice and snow art making team and talents with top ice carving skills, also we make unique style of ice and snow art works through combination of sound, light and electricity. Therefore, on the basis of natural scenery, we can open broad market through exploring humanities and art with auxiliary activities of ice bar and ice marriage.

Through years of successful operation of indoor ice exhibitions, our company has got awards of NationalCulture Export Key Enterprise and Key Projects for three times granted by the Commerce Department of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, which enjoys high reputation in domestic and abroad.